Sunday, August 29, 2010

Up over 40

I ran every day this week..really starting to get the mileage in with barefeet, I think I got to around 45miles this week. I was supposed to take a day off on Sunday but I got my Luna Sandals in the mail and had to head out to the trails with them. Training looked like this..

MONDAY- 1:01 EASY barefeet amazingly fun run down Wilshire blvd(which is really smooth concrete and marble in spots) shirtless and shoeless in Beverly Hills.. the run felt like a "mediatation" went to Yoga later that night with my girl Amy
TUESDAY-1:00 EASY Barefeet down Wilshire blvd.
WEDNESDAY-1:00 EASY Barefeet on sidewalks, really hot out. I went into the recording studio to cut a new song later that night that I wrote for Amy
THURSDAY-1:00 Easy Barefeet on Sidewalks, and a little bit of trails..feeling kinda banged up.
FRIDAY-45 mins. FARTLEKS on streets...did some good fast running body felt good....but I cant sustain good form for long at hard pace yet.
SATURDAY- LONG RUN Puma Salohs in mountains... I ran the Backbone Trail which should be called Backbreak. I had to go #2 in the woods which I call..."pulling a Johnny" this run was really hard ascent and the descent I was hauling ass jumping over ditches,logs, rocks you name it. I felt pretty rough afterwards.
SUNDAY- Medium 40 mins in Luna Sandals
I got my Luna Sandals in the mail and I couldnt resist a 40 minute trail run in them. Incredibly fun run in them. Best thing since sliced bread.

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