Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run Like a Ninja

This week consisted of me doing all of my runs (except my Long run) barefoot on concrete and pavement to work on refining my running technique. I am working on silent footfalls after talking to the amazing Julian Romero who routinely runs sub 3 marathons barefoot. Also being mindful of my running posture, (upright torso), relaxed body, only lifting.

Monday-30 mins. EASY Barefoot on concrete loop almost no sound of feet.
Tuesday-33 mins. EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Form is best it has ever been!
Wednesday-30 Mins-EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Pinky toe unhappy.
Thursday-40 Mins. EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Didn't feel great today. Didn't feel fluid.
Friday-40 Mins. EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Felt much better today.
Saturday- 120mins. Long Run in Puma Salohs-Topanga Mountains..really hard effort. Feels like 5k pace for 2hours when running the mountains.

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