Sunday, October 31, 2010

70 miles of pure fun

Hola Compadres,
I managed to get in another 70 miles of running this week for a total of 244 for the month of October. The mileage felt quite easy even though I did much more HARD running which was mostly done on trails. Easy until I decided to double on my speedwork day with a hard paced Mountain run...which was like running up and down a wall for 7.5 miles after a hard 6 mi. fartlek workout in the morning. I was whipped after this and didn't even have the ability to mutter much of anything and laid lifeless facedown on the floor at home. It seems I could run forever at an easy pace, so I figure it's time to raise the bar.

I am now gonna cut miles and start hitting the track. Time to get some speed in these legs. Gonna work on my mile time. Rest this week and then I gotta do a barefoot mile time trial next week. Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Santa Monica Mountains Sunday, 21 November 2010 9k

My next race is a real mother! It's in the Santa Monica Mountains 5.3 miles with a 1,300 ft elevation change. I got to get back to running in the Mountains like I did over the summer or I am a dead man. This weeks long run will be in the Mountains. My buddy Shacky is running the 50k which is just insane.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy trails

This week I managed 54 miles. I actually started doing some formal speed work. My Speed or lack there of has come up quite a bit in discussions lately. Speed hasn't been a real concern since learning to run barefoot. My focus has really been on running as much as possible (base training) and running lightly and gently in a way that causes minimal carnage. In the Last 4 weeks I have run 235 miles! This is monumental in my training.

A few points high points from the week included my first interval session in ages. I did them on a .25 trail loop in Luna Sandals. My long run was 13.5 miles in barefeet on the streets, 2 miles of the run on the local track at a comfortably hard pace...the rest was a very easy pace.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


This week I ran 70 miles barefoot on the streets of LA! The brilliance of the human body is really humbling. What a total hoot! This last 3 weeks have been my biggest cycle of weeks which was 61,50,70! I am gonna fall back and actually take a few days off this week. I didn't take any days off over the last 3 weeks. My next milestone is 80 mpw! Balls out!

I'm down to like 159lbs.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Weekly News Report

Hola Amigos and Amigas,
I got 50 miles in this week, all barefoot, all on streets and my favorite old concrete loop around our local park. I call the loop Cherry Lane, it's really a beautiful path shaded by trees, the park is in the middle which also has a dirt trail (which I am staying off for now).

I managed a few fast-ish 6 mile runs in amongst the easy runs, one of them in the rain. I got some giggles, smart ass remarks and odd stares as I burned down Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills sans shirt and shoes in the rain.

Last weeks PR for miles left me pretty tired, I need to eat and sleep better, or just toughen up. I'm still in base building phase so no real "fast" running at all. The speed phase will come. I am debating which race to do at the end of the month. I am leaning towards the 10k road race in West LA.

Adios 4 now

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mileage Milestone for me!

Hola Amigos,
This week I ran the most miles I have ever run. I ran 61 miles! All miles were barefoot minus 3 which were done in luna sandals on a trail. It was pretty amazing week for me. I'd like to say it was really easy but it was a lot of running for me. I managed to get in a 3 mi. tempo run while the rest of the miles were at a farily easy pace. I ran on a big mixture of surfaces but the majority was concrete/ashpalt but a good amount of trails too!

I have lost almost 10lbs since my 10k like 3 weeks ago so I had to up the calories as I started getting really woozy feeling. Down to like 165 at 6'1''

I'm hoping to get to 100 miles per week in the next 6 months or so. I want to fist get real comfortable at the 60-70 zone and then jump up to 80-100.

I am gonna try to do one race per month from here on out. I am still not completely decided which race for Oct. but I will do some kind of 10k I am sure.

Adios, BURT