Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Weekly News Report

Hola Amigos and Amigas,
I got 50 miles in this week, all barefoot, all on streets and my favorite old concrete loop around our local park. I call the loop Cherry Lane, it's really a beautiful path shaded by trees, the park is in the middle which also has a dirt trail (which I am staying off for now).

I managed a few fast-ish 6 mile runs in amongst the easy runs, one of them in the rain. I got some giggles, smart ass remarks and odd stares as I burned down Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills sans shirt and shoes in the rain.

Last weeks PR for miles left me pretty tired, I need to eat and sleep better, or just toughen up. I'm still in base building phase so no real "fast" running at all. The speed phase will come. I am debating which race to do at the end of the month. I am leaning towards the 10k road race in West LA.

Adios 4 now

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