Sunday, August 29, 2010

Up over 40

I ran every day this week..really starting to get the mileage in with barefeet, I think I got to around 45miles this week. I was supposed to take a day off on Sunday but I got my Luna Sandals in the mail and had to head out to the trails with them. Training looked like this..

MONDAY- 1:01 EASY barefeet amazingly fun run down Wilshire blvd(which is really smooth concrete and marble in spots) shirtless and shoeless in Beverly Hills.. the run felt like a "mediatation" went to Yoga later that night with my girl Amy
TUESDAY-1:00 EASY Barefeet down Wilshire blvd.
WEDNESDAY-1:00 EASY Barefeet on sidewalks, really hot out. I went into the recording studio to cut a new song later that night that I wrote for Amy
THURSDAY-1:00 Easy Barefeet on Sidewalks, and a little bit of trails..feeling kinda banged up.
FRIDAY-45 mins. FARTLEKS on streets...did some good fast running body felt good....but I cant sustain good form for long at hard pace yet.
SATURDAY- LONG RUN Puma Salohs in mountains... I ran the Backbone Trail which should be called Backbreak. I had to go #2 in the woods which I call..."pulling a Johnny" this run was really hard ascent and the descent I was hauling ass jumping over ditches,logs, rocks you name it. I felt pretty rough afterwards.
SUNDAY- Medium 40 mins in Luna Sandals
I got my Luna Sandals in the mail and I couldnt resist a 40 minute trail run in them. Incredibly fun run in them. Best thing since sliced bread.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was a great week of running with multiple Longs and Lot's of hills! I also have 3 races on the calendar all of which are trail races. A 10k at the end of September, a 25k at the end of September and a 50k a the end of November as long as the promoters get the permit. I ordered some Luna Sandals in hopes of using them as my trail-wear.

Sunday- 35mins Medium barefoot on streets and sidewalks. muscles a little tight from long mountain run previous day.
Monday-1:16 Medium Long run barefoot on a variety of surfaces including sidewalks, streets, trails
Weds-1:00 Hills Puma Salohs (red) trails of Griffith Park. Loose sand and dirt and Steep hills. Tough!
Thurs- 42mins Easy barefoot on sidewalks on Wilshire Blvd and surrounding streets.
Fri-30 mins Easy barefoot on sidewalks
Sat- 2:02 Long Run Puma Salohs (red)Sanata Monica Mountains red rock trails. Had a Blast up and down the mountain and discovered a whole other forest trail
Sunday- Gym strength... squats, leg press, hammies, calf raises, chest press, hips. Feel great the day after my Long run!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run Like a Ninja

This week consisted of me doing all of my runs (except my Long run) barefoot on concrete and pavement to work on refining my running technique. I am working on silent footfalls after talking to the amazing Julian Romero who routinely runs sub 3 marathons barefoot. Also being mindful of my running posture, (upright torso), relaxed body, only lifting.

Monday-30 mins. EASY Barefoot on concrete loop almost no sound of feet.
Tuesday-33 mins. EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Form is best it has ever been!
Wednesday-30 Mins-EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Pinky toe unhappy.
Thursday-40 Mins. EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Didn't feel great today. Didn't feel fluid.
Friday-40 Mins. EASY Barefoot concrete loop. Felt much better today.
Saturday- 120mins. Long Run in Puma Salohs-Topanga Mountains..really hard effort. Feels like 5k pace for 2hours when running the mountains.

Run Like a Ninja

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another long run in the barefeet! This one was was a mix of surfaces from sand( the toughest) to pavement (easiest), it was hot, I had to run in whatever shade was avail and on the white lines on the roads as it was in the middle of the day in Cali.The paws did just fine!I ran into what turned out to be some kind of mine field of burr/thorns! I fell down to get them off my feet and then they all stuck me in the butt! argh! It was a Good week of running in spite of me aggravating my ole bursitis in ye ole heel. I decided that I needed to start doing heavy squats again on the previous Sunday. This turned out to be a poor idea. I had Retro Calcaneal bursitis about 6 or so months ago that was quite annoying,which I blamed on running but the coincidence is, when I stopped going o the gym it went away, and upon returning to the gym it came back. My Squat form must blow. Anyways, this week my Folks came in to town and met Amy's family so my running schedule was thrown off but it was a nice visit. It looked something like this.

Tues- 60 minutes Easy @Park in Puma Salohs
Weds-60 minutes Easy @Park in Puma Salohs
Thursday- 40 minutes Easy @ Park in Puma Salohs
Friday-125minute Long Run Barefoot on the trails in Griffith Park area
Saturday- 30 minutes Easy Barefoot on streets