Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another long run in the barefeet! This one was tough..it was a mix of surfaces from sand( the toughest) to pavement (easiest), it was hot, I had to run in whatever shade was avail and on the white lines on the roads as it was in the middle of the day in Cali.The paws did just fine!I ran into what turned out to be some kind of mine field of burr/thorns! I fell down to get them off my feet and then they all stuck me in the butt! argh! It was a Good week of running in spite of me aggravating my ole bursitis in ye ole heel. I decided that I needed to start doing heavy squats again on the previous Sunday. This turned out to be a poor idea. I had Retro Calcaneal bursitis about 6 or so months ago that was quite annoying,which I blamed on running but the coincidence is, when I stopped going o the gym it went away, and upon returning to the gym it came back. My Squat form must blow. Anyways, this week my Folks came in to town and met Amy's family so my running schedule was thrown off but it was a nice visit. It looked something like this.

Tues- 60 minutes Easy @Park in Puma Salohs
Weds-60 minutes Easy @Park in Puma Salohs
Thursday- 40 minutes Easy @ Park in Puma Salohs
Friday-125minute Long Run Barefoot on the trails in Griffith Park area
Saturday- 30 minutes Easy Barefoot on streets

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