Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was a great week of running with multiple Longs and Lot's of hills! I also have 3 races on the calendar all of which are trail races. A 10k at the end of September, a 25k at the end of September and a 50k a the end of November as long as the promoters get the permit. I ordered some Luna Sandals in hopes of using them as my trail-wear.

Sunday- 35mins Medium barefoot on streets and sidewalks. muscles a little tight from long mountain run previous day.
Monday-1:16 Medium Long run barefoot on a variety of surfaces including sidewalks, streets, trails
Weds-1:00 Hills Puma Salohs (red) trails of Griffith Park. Loose sand and dirt and Steep hills. Tough!
Thurs- 42mins Easy barefoot on sidewalks on Wilshire Blvd and surrounding streets.
Fri-30 mins Easy barefoot on sidewalks
Sat- 2:02 Long Run Puma Salohs (red)Sanata Monica Mountains red rock trails. Had a Blast up and down the mountain and discovered a whole other forest trail
Sunday- Gym strength... squats, leg press, hammies, calf raises, chest press, hips. Feel great the day after my Long run!

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