Sunday, April 25, 2010


After a week of no running and a week of barely any running becuase of trashed toes I put on the lunarglides and immediately jumped into a 7 min pace on a local trail..toes seemed ok...not totally healed..Im gonna do very little running(and in shoes) for another few weeks.

I think I am going back a mixture of shod/barefoot.. 2 months ago I was at 50mpw and doing speedwork..gotta get back to that

I had to remind myself of my goals..and I think some shod running is part of that.


4/24/10 weekly summation

So this was the first week in a long time of no running..I managed the gym a few times though. I got to say I am enjoying some R&R away from running. After reading an article with Sammy Wanjiru, (olympic gold medalist, Chicago and London winner) and found out he only runs 6 days a week and takes of 2 months a year to gain some weight and rest...I thought "That sounds brilliant". I did a crap-load of running in minimalist shoes and barefoot this past 12 months. I am enjoying a little time off from the the daily trial of miles.

The band is kicking bootay...we are in preproduction for our upcoming recording sessions at Sound Factory at the end of May/top of June. These songs have and extra something.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/17/10 weekly summary

This was an Interesting week. I got my new band on track and we played our first show! Which is progress.However, my little toe is still unhappy, I didn't expect anything different though.. i did manage some running. But all of it on trails and grass and uneven terrain. It seems to like constantly changing terrain under foot. I hit the gym 2 times for some lifting and cardio. In general not a big physical week though.

I did only 3 miles of running this week spread out over 3 runs. Tender toe!
I gotta tell you it's been tempting this week to breakout the sponge boats and bang out some miles but..I'm fighting the good fight. Thanks Johnny :)

Ok till next time!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

4/10/10 weekly summary

This week involved me starting to insert some fast can be done BF!
I have a bad boo boo between my big toe and 2 nd toe that I stubbornly ran on and I think my foot was auto compensating and giving the workload to the little toes which cause my meltdown on Friday... oh well. Thats what I love about barefoot. You will run gently or not at all. SO now I got to let this booboo heal. It's nasty man. It's like raw flesh.

total -19.1 miles
Sunday-.I did a little 3.25 mi. easter run this afternoon on sidewalks and streets.
Monday-2.25 mi. at 8:20 pace
Tuesday-dropped the hammer a bit and did a half mile at 6:40 pace and to my surprise it felt easier than it did in shoes! SO I can run a good fast 5k this summer! woo hoo
3.25 for the day
Wednesday-easy 5k in 25:10 ..calves are sore..I made a mistake of overstretching them when they were cold a few days ago and I have paid for it on my last two runs...oh well beautiful day! streets are getting warm!
Thursday-3.5 miles @9:30 pace..easy run. I had a break through with form...i must allow my knees to drive forward HOWEVER not up. felt good.
Friday-3.75 miles on my concrete loop at the park.. I averaged 8:20 pace which included my first easy mile and I ran 1 mile @7:30 I had to cut my overally run short as my pinky toe was hurtin like hell! I guess I am due for a day off..I had a late night last night at band rehearsal and an early work day for me..and I didnt really sleep. I came home from work and ran. I really put the wammy on the toe!
I ran past a guy who was wearing his Newton racers ...he was lookin all cool...until I blew past him in barefeet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

weekly summary

I did 14.5 miles this week... Still slow but getting better. I am starting to think that this mystery pain in the back of my heel is actually insertional achilles tendonitis, Thanks once again Nike. So I am icing and stretching the calves and focusing on form. Making sure not to push off during running and relax the body.

On a positive note it seems as though the economy is turning around. Work has started to pickup for me. I'm starting to push the band for more rehearsal time and writing time.

Math Exam tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone!