Saturday, April 10, 2010

4/10/10 weekly summary

This week involved me starting to insert some fast can be done BF!
I have a bad boo boo between my big toe and 2 nd toe that I stubbornly ran on and I think my foot was auto compensating and giving the workload to the little toes which cause my meltdown on Friday... oh well. Thats what I love about barefoot. You will run gently or not at all. SO now I got to let this booboo heal. It's nasty man. It's like raw flesh.

total -19.1 miles
Sunday-.I did a little 3.25 mi. easter run this afternoon on sidewalks and streets.
Monday-2.25 mi. at 8:20 pace
Tuesday-dropped the hammer a bit and did a half mile at 6:40 pace and to my surprise it felt easier than it did in shoes! SO I can run a good fast 5k this summer! woo hoo
3.25 for the day
Wednesday-easy 5k in 25:10 ..calves are sore..I made a mistake of overstretching them when they were cold a few days ago and I have paid for it on my last two runs...oh well beautiful day! streets are getting warm!
Thursday-3.5 miles @9:30 pace..easy run. I had a break through with form...i must allow my knees to drive forward HOWEVER not up. felt good.
Friday-3.75 miles on my concrete loop at the park.. I averaged 8:20 pace which included my first easy mile and I ran 1 mile @7:30 I had to cut my overally run short as my pinky toe was hurtin like hell! I guess I am due for a day off..I had a late night last night at band rehearsal and an early work day for me..and I didnt really sleep. I came home from work and ran. I really put the wammy on the toe!
I ran past a guy who was wearing his Newton racers ...he was lookin all cool...until I blew past him in barefeet.

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