Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer is for Barefoot!

Had a fun week of running...lots of barefoot..i started to head back on the road... man the road is way easier to run on than pebble ridden trails! But the trails have really improved my form, I highly recommend barefoot trail running for fun and form!

I finished off the week with a 6 mile barefoot run on the streets which felt pretty good. My worries of the toes were put at ease as I didnt feel it. So that's beuno.

I am reading " Born to Run" currently and enjoying the hell out of it. Really funny and educational at the same time. A recommended read.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy B

The last 10 days have been crazy...hence my late post. I am preparing a package for Universal music and I recorded some new songs and I am trying to finish them up for this friday..which is no easy order. I was told I had 14 days to prepare something for the meeting. SO ..whateva..I do the best I can in the time I got.

Regarding running...been doing primarily barefoot on the trails almost every day (I have been stupid busy) gps..heck most runs not even a watch.

Really starting to dial in the form...I am coming to really understand the importance of hip extension in running! Hip extension=Good ...... knee extension= Bad. I love barefoot....Ok got to get to the studio! Lates

Monday, June 14, 2010

Desert Rat

So the past week...brought 6 days of running. I had a travel day that just didn't prompt me to run the day after my Math final (which was horrible).

I managed a foot race with some kid while I was wearing my Vans slip ons on a trail after a mile of BF running...finishing the last mile in of the 3.5 in 6:40 (note...6:40 mile in Vans on trails feels like a 5:40 mile on the track in flats.) The kid wasted me. Not happy...but it motivates me to be better.

I then headed out to the desert the following day which was extremely hot and I ended up doing a 6.5 miler in Nike Vomeros that were at the folks house...also even some runs in Kayanos! However I did manage 2 out of my 3 days in the desert to find a nice park where I did some good Barefootn..

I dunno I must have done about 25 miles this past week...but who's counting. I have started running with no watch at all and no real idea of how long I am going to run when I head out the door. Much more enjoyable.

I'm going to hunt down a pair of Vibrams for some of my rough trail running. Happy times.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great article on barefoot and minimalist footwear


As runners, our feet are what keep us connected with the ground and offer important tactile, sensory feedback, which makes the structure and design of the shoe on our foot essential in shaping our experience with the surrounding terrain. By wearing a shoe that eliminates unnecessary gimmicks and gadgetry (and, most importantly, a big, cushioned heel), I am allowing my foot to operate more effectively, efficiently and naturally while freely relaying proprioceptive information back to the rest of my body.

Minimal footwear enforces a heightened sense of the position of my body in space and its position relative to the technically challenging terrain. This sort of awareness is at the basis of any skilled movement we do as athletes, and the athleticism that running quickly over variable terrain requires is probably the essential difference between a trail/mountain runner and the traditional road/track athlete who operates primarily in a straight-ahead plane of movement.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facing it

I ran everyday again this week...
twice on weds... I did a few barefoot runs in there too. My barefoot run on last Sunday was cut short when I burned the hell out of my feet as I am not used to running barefoot in the heat, Learned a valuable lesson. The burn was a pain the ass the next day as I had to lance the puss sacks on the bottom of my feet to run. But I did and it was ok.

On Friday I did a barefoot run on a concrete loop for the first time since I mangled my toes and felt no pain during the run, a little bit of discomfort later in the day though. Still not ready to run barefoot on concrete yet.

I got a nice brisk 6 miler on a concrete loop on thursday in Nike pain in foot.

I did a 1 hr long run today (SAT.) in Nike triax..beautiful day out! Summer rules on the westside!