Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facing it

I ran everyday again this week...
twice on weds... I did a few barefoot runs in there too. My barefoot run on last Sunday was cut short when I burned the hell out of my feet as I am not used to running barefoot in the heat, Learned a valuable lesson. The burn was a pain the ass the next day as I had to lance the puss sacks on the bottom of my feet to run. But I did and it was ok.

On Friday I did a barefoot run on a concrete loop for the first time since I mangled my toes and felt no pain during the run, a little bit of discomfort later in the day though. Still not ready to run barefoot on concrete yet.

I got a nice brisk 6 miler on a concrete loop on thursday in Nike pain in foot.

I did a 1 hr long run today (SAT.) in Nike triax..beautiful day out! Summer rules on the westside!

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