Monday, June 14, 2010

Desert Rat

So the past week...brought 6 days of running. I had a travel day that just didn't prompt me to run the day after my Math final (which was horrible).

I managed a foot race with some kid while I was wearing my Vans slip ons on a trail after a mile of BF running...finishing the last mile in of the 3.5 in 6:40 (note...6:40 mile in Vans on trails feels like a 5:40 mile on the track in flats.) The kid wasted me. Not happy...but it motivates me to be better.

I then headed out to the desert the following day which was extremely hot and I ended up doing a 6.5 miler in Nike Vomeros that were at the folks house...also even some runs in Kayanos! However I did manage 2 out of my 3 days in the desert to find a nice park where I did some good Barefootn..

I dunno I must have done about 25 miles this past week...but who's counting. I have started running with no watch at all and no real idea of how long I am going to run when I head out the door. Much more enjoyable.

I'm going to hunt down a pair of Vibrams for some of my rough trail running. Happy times.

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