Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly BURT News

Ran everyday this week.. twice on thursday...all on trails except one day on the composite track. Toe is feeling great.

Ran in an assortment of footwear from a wonderful 2 mile barefoot run in the rain to a tempo run Nike Lunar glides...and a few easy runs in the Asics DS trainers and lastly a few runs in my Saucony and Puma Flats. I notice a little something in my achilles area today before my run..I'll keep an eye on it.

In other news I went to an internal Medicine Dr. for my hand injury that has been a real pain in the.....hand! She put me on a steriod for 2 weeks and then I start physical therapy. Se examined my foot after explaining my previous injury and she said it was a fracture but it had healed so I could continue to run. So there ya have it.

Went in to Kronos Recording and cut 3 new songs with My songs are going to be great and Theo the drummer is da man!

Till next week.

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