Sunday, May 23, 2010

On the road again.... actually trails

Have run everyday for the past week..So I am back to DAILY running! I ran barefoot 3 times, 3 miles being the longest BFR. The rest have been in an assortment of shoes..asics ds trainers, asics cumulus and Nike Lunarglide. The good news is all the barefoot has really translated improved form to shod running. Even after my little layoff during a run in padded shoes my stride rate was still the quick, light, compact stride is sticking.

The foot injury from barefoot speedwork on concrete (god that even sounds dumb) is still touch and go but I passed the hop on one leg test so I allowed myself to resume. I took almost 2 weeks totally off and a few weeks of minimal running. The other injury was the back of the heel bursitis or whatever,.its still hanging around but reducing. Back on track.

I am running exclusively on dirt trails and grass
Limiting the barefoot running while foot heals

Reintroduced meat back into my diet. I found that I was WAY deficient in protein in my veggie diet. I just couldnt get enough protein within my caloric allowance which is between 1800-2200 calories per day. I have to think this veggie diet had something to do with the injuries..things were breaking down fast and there simply wasnt enough protein to rebuild them.

In other news I have a horrible, gnarly Math exam tomorrow that I should be studying for right now... gotta roll.


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