Sunday, September 5, 2010

Miles a plenty and Luna Love

I did 52 miles this week! I cant believe I have gotten up here running in nothing but barefeet and sandals. Amazing. I sometimes have to remind myself that I'm running this many miles as it feels so much easier than it used to.

I want to get up to the 70 mpw before this possible Ultra race in October... we shall see. I suppose 60 would suffice. I ran alot of these miles in the Mojave Desert.

The week Looked like this:

Monday- EASY 1:03 barefoot..sidewalks into the Hood South LA. They Homey's said "That's good for your organs" and "That's harcore right there" I love the hood

Tuesday-TEMPO 1:05 in Luna Sandals on the trails. warmed up easy and ran 3 mile-ish hard.

Weds.-EASY 1:06 barefoot on the streets of Bev. Hills.. I started to really feel light on my feet..form is getting better.

Thurs.-MEDIUM 1:00 barefoot on streets,sidewalks. After warming up I did some strides down the middle of the road. Working on running fast with no tension.

Fri.-EASY barefoot 1:00 on the concrete loop at freedom park in Palm desert. The white concrete loop was amazingly cool despite the 95 degree temp.

Sat. LONG RUN 2:00 Luna Sandals and barefeet along the train tracks in the middle of the Mojave desert..I eventually veered off into the sand and found some hard pack that was so hard and smooth I had to kick off the sandals and barefoot it. Felt great...I carry the sandals in my waist strap of my back pack like BF Ted. That way I can quicly slip the sandals on and off. I used the Hemp laces on the Luna Sandals without socks and they performed perfectly. No blisters and they felt very clos to barefoot excepth that they allowed me to run a long section of hardcore gravel without much discomfort. I also wore my Zensah calf sleeves. It was freakn hot.

Sun.- EASY 1:10 in Lunas and Barefeet... I went back to the same setting as yesterday and repeated the same performace but shorter.

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