Saturday, July 10, 2010

Im a new mountain trail convert!

Been running like a wild banshee! I haven't taken a day off in I dont know how long and I feel great. Mostly all barefoot running, when not barefoot I like to run in my Puma Saloh flats.

I did the most amazing 2hr long run I have ever experienced today! I ran in the Santa Monica mountains starting in old Topanga on the roads and then up the trails. It was like running up a wall for an hour and then flying back down in 30 mins and running around old topanga. I mostly ran in barefeet! I ran with a back pack filled with frozen water bottles and bananas and my puma flats for areas that were too hot or plain old too gnarly for the bare soles. I really bonded with the earth today. Loved it.

ran on the beach yesterday after Surfing which was a hoot...the track for speed workouts the day before and then alot of road running in the days preceding

Happy times..

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