Saturday, July 31, 2010


Been a good week of running.

Sunday- a walk and some easy, short barefoot runnin on grass to recover from yesterdays Long run
Monday- MEDIUM 30mins in blue Puma Salohs@ park with a few hard surges and hard .25 mile
Tues-EASY 45mins. in blue Puma Salohs @park
Weds-HARD 40 mins. red Puma Salohs @ park easy running for warm .25 mile 3/4 effort, 14x100 sprints at 7/8 effort. Easy running home for cool. Stretching afterward.
Thurs-EASY 40 mins. red Puma saloh @ the park
I let fly on the streets at the end of the run and some old lady's dog wanted to rumble and started chasing me...I said bring it on! I dusted that damn poodle!
I went surfing at Sunset and had the most amazing rides I have maybe ever had!
Fri-EASY 30mins. red Puma saloh @ park. I felt like puking and everything hurt...I got sick from the ocean water last night. Before I got in there was a warning sign metioning bacteria in the water DO NOT SWIM ..I paid no mind. and I paid for it. Oh well.
Sat-LONG RUN 2hrs. BAREFEET Santa Monica moutains in Old Topanga..I ran the Backbone trail. 1hr up and 1 hr down..the descent was slower than the ascent! This was the toughest run I have ever done. Rocky, incredibly steep, thorny and beautiful. I started to question my sanity during the descent. My bruised heel from landing on a rock like 3 weeks ago was feeling great so I opted for barefoot today and it was doing great until I ran through a leafy part of the trail and underneath the leaves a freakn rock which happend to hit right where I bruised the heel before! Even though I barely weight the heel it does come down to the ground, sometimes not, depending on, pace, if I am going up a steep hill etc... It didnt really bother me after a minute or 2..I stepped on a thorn which was fun, then a section where the trail was covered with what looked like crushed wantons with jagged spurs on them. I was starting to emit caveman type grunts often. I started to pray for it to end. I made it. But this trail is just too technical for barefoot..I haven't even seen any other runners on this thing. Next week I gotta run on flat ground with no rocks! I have now run 4 successive long runs in the mountian in barefeet or minimal flats. I am moving to easier ground next Sat.! On the way home I jumped in the Ocean to float and cool off..then proceeded to eat lots of tacos.

I will post some pics of the terrain.

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