Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mountain Goat

It was a good week of running.

Monday- 60 minutes MEDIUM barefoot running on trails and streets..and then went surfing and the Surf was UP!

Tuesday-30 mins EASY in Puma salohs on bruise on my heel from my first mountain run was a little sore..I think the barefoot running on the concrete aggravated it.

Weds- 35 minutes TEMPO run in DS trainers on trails and the Surfing @Sunset

Thurs-35 mins. EASY Saucony fastswitch.. dont like these old sponges..gonna retire them. Although the cushioning was nice for my heel bruise.

Fri- 30 mins. EASY in Puma Salohs n park trails..felt good but right ham. tendon was tad angry from the previous days in foam boats.

Saturday- 100 minutes LONG RUN on technical mountain trail in blue Puma Salohs..I tried yet another mountain trail hoping it would be a little easier...wrong! It was the steepest and most technical yet. It was packed full of sharp and big rocks, ruts, ditches and extremely steep grade inclines. I am getting really strong at up hills! The down hill sections I still need some work on not braking when going down, I don't know if that is possible actually.

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