Saturday, July 17, 2010

Surf is up man and so is Mountain running

Had a great week...I surfed like 5 times...getting my sea legs back! Man my arms and pecs were crying the first couple days.

Did some easy running throughout the week..and ended the week with a Long run up through the Santa Monica mountains again. I ran the Backbone trail today and It was beautiful! More shade than the other route I ran last week. It is such a complete work out..I climbed, I jumped over things, I got a great cardio workout...I got a strength workout and hills like this actually double as speedworkouts! I ran in my Puma Salohs which are minimalist shoes. I ran for 105 minutes. I honed my down hill running technique..this week I wasn't like a runaway train on the descent! Happy times! I love running long again.

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