Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunny Mornin' in Beverly Hills

I awoke too early and said aw heck let's get it done! I did an easy 3.25 run on my park loop. I Felt pretty good today..I didnt do any stretching before the run and I felt better for it, I know, I know, I am late to the party on that. I used to do some light static stretching but lately it has caused calf blow outs on my runs. So maybe I do some dynamic stretches before the run but no static anymore.

So I started barefoot running maybe I dont't know 6 months ago...but only once a week at best, usually on Sundays and the rest of my training was in racing flats or other various useless footwear.

So I have just steadily increased barefoot into my rotation in my weekly training and have done up to 21 miles in a week barefoot whilst running the rest of my miles in shoes...and have run up to a 10k barefoot. But now the shoes are gone and I am now only running in BARE feet. So my weekly total of miles will be coming for awhile as I rebuild my base in bare feet but that's not a bad thing.

I am getting over some heel bursitis I contracted thanks to Nike and their sponge bob shoes! I have run everyday for the last 8 weeks 40-50 miles per week and 6-days a week 25-45 mpw for the last year without any major interruptions..I buy a pair of Nike lunar elites and after like 5 runs in them in my rotation I got this stupid heel bursitis. I don't have any swelling yet so I am still running daily barefoot only now...but..this crap ain't pretty. Thanks Nike. You suck.

Yea I plan on racing barefoot too.

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