Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hola friends,
So I am Burt Malcuit...I am part Musician,Student,Recording Engineer,Lover,Runner...Yogi

I am a bit of a pirate in that I tend to do things my own way and on my own terms.. I am what I am and that is that. I will be using some great qoutes from my main man Guru Singh, so if you hear anything profound it is stolen :) J/K

I am a barefoot runner as I can stand running in regular shoes. I run every day... I am currently on a 60 day streak..before that I was running 6 days a week for pretty much the entire last year. I have some lingering niggles from shod running but I am getting through the daily trial of miles.

Today I ran an easy 3.25 mile loop around my favorite park in Beverly Hills... The loop is concrete which is a preferred surface for honing in the barefoot form, I do also run on trails once a week too.

I also had band practice tonite...and man I am really stoked on this lineup of guys.. it's maybe the best band I have ever had. In case ya didn't know I am the singer/guitar player and the band is simply called "BURT". Now one may say, gee that sounds self indulgent! But really it's just more of a way to keep the songs and sound on track. I am the songwriter and band members kind of come and go so it's kind of my band, however this current lineup is special.

Ok I am starved and my girl is making a bad ass omelet.. she rules in so many ways.

Happy Trails,BURT

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