Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked 3/16/10

I got to start by saying man my legs have been killing me..the muscles are sore in a way I have not felt since I ran a marathon with a big downhill section. It is muscular soreness, as if I have never run before..i think it's the squats at the gym coupled with no days off from running in like 62 days now. I headed down the stairs out to a beautiful sunny morning in SoCal and I told myself today I will just do a mile and treat it as a day off...I end up doing 4 miles on the sidewalks around my neighborhood..shirtless with no shoes. ha!

I really wish I would have become a full time barefoot runner long ago, I would have avoided so many chronic injuries that I am slowly overcoming now. I am feeling so light when running now, knees are bent, hips gently twisting, the shoulders countering the twist of the hips. The foot is lifted very quickly and I am slapping the ground way less than I had been not long ago. Initially when going barefoot my toes would slap, which has led to some miserable blisters..blisters teach you what not to do. I am starting to run like an Indian, silently.

Only sign of any issues is my lovely heel bursitis(once again...Nike, you suck) but not too bad at all. The heel had been bothering me less during the day yesterday and I sort of actually slept last night. I got maybe 5.5 hrs last night, I am due for a deep sleep soon or I am gonna flip out.

Ok I got to study some freakn Algebra today, i got a B on the first exam which is not good. Math hurts my brain.

Just when you think you couldnt, you can.

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