Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fast week!

This week was filled with many things other than running. I started recording my new album . It's being recorded analog and is going to be sick!
I also did almost two days of water fasting. I was not feeling well the days leading up to my recording date and felt like crap the following day so I decided to not eat anything at all and drink a bunch of water. I even ran a bit during the fast. I got a bit hungry but I dealt with it no problem and I could tell that my system was actually quite happy to no have to digest anything for once. The body got a break and a chance to get rid of and metabolize some garbage. I eat a pretty awesome vegan diet these days but nonetheless the body cannot be cleansed without fasting. I made it through the first day no problem and I actually slept great through the night except for my cat Arthur Dive bombing me. I woke up in the morning feeling pretty rough. I still had a cold of sorts and alot of crap in toxins in my body but atleast I got some rest. I knew I wasn't going to push the fast longer than I felt comfortable with. I was just going to go on "gut" feeling. I managed a light 25 mins or Run/Walk on a local trail (barefoot of I need to even say this anymore?? No I don't) and I felt quite spacey and my legs felt like lead. This might be good preparation for what one might feel like during a 100 mile race. So I made it through a good portion of the day and I decided to have some food. I fasted for 40 hours, it was my first and not my last. I will say that I woke up feeling great today and the fast really help reset my clock. Good stuff. Albeit the was a very short fast but still seemed to have some merit. The benefits really grow once you have gone into the 5-7 day mark and continues exponentially. You have to kind of have the right calendar for this undertaking though. Anyways....until next time.

Adios, Barefoot Burt

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